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With appropriately understated fanfare but with great fervour and gusto (and of course accompanied by superb wine) Critical African Studies the new online and peer-reviewed publication based at the Centre of African Studies in Edinburgh, was launched during the AEGIS sponsored ECAS conference in Leipzig last week. After a few words of wisdom from Paul Nugent, and a vote of thanks by James Smith, Critical African Studies was announced as launched and a great the tidal wave of popular participation was unleashed, consuming all wine and refreshments provided, and raising the roof with raucousĀ  enthusiasm. Outshining other launching events taking place at the same time, an estimated 200+ people joined in the celebratory mood, until every scrap of food and every drop of wine was finished, and everyone’s mood was elated and raised. Many thanks to Caryn and Alex and others there for their help organising the event, and of course to the editors of CrAS (Laura Jeffrey, ALex Beresford, Tom Molony and Joost Fontein) and Web man Keith Brown for all their hard work behind the scenes. Raise a glass so that this new, critical forum for debate and analysis will be a great success!

Joost Fontein, Edinburgh


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