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Last week it was announced that President Museveni had distanced himself from the Uganda anti-homosexuality bill currently going through Parliament as it fasts becomes a foreign relations issue.  The  Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights & Constitutional Law has published a compilation of articles, opinions and press statements related to the Bill. See below

Jude Murison, Edinburgh

“On behalf of and as a member of the Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights & Constitutional Law, we are pleased to send you the Coalition’s recent compilation of articles, opinions and press statements related to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill currently before Uganda’s Parliament.

As many of you will be aware, the Bill poses a substantial threat to human rights in Uganda, both the rights of same-sex attracted and trans-gendered people and of anybody who fails to report them and the rights of those who seek to work in a supportive manner. Whether it be in terms of protecting LGBTI rights, working on HIV/AIDS prevention, providing counselling, or simply providing information on sex and sexuality, civil society organisations, academics and health workers are all under threat should this bill be passed. Some of the Refugee Law Project’s refugee and asylum seeker clients will be placed at further risk if the Bill passes, and the day-to-day work of providing legal aid and counselling will also be substantially jeopardised.

Since the Compilation was published in late December, there have been further developments: The Catholic Archbishop has described the Bill as Un-Christian, the President has suggested to the ruling party that it should go slow on passing the Bill as it has become a foreign relations issue which is jeopardising important relationships between Uganda and its supporters, and the Speaker of Parliament has responded by saying that the President cannot stop Parliament from debating the Bill.

We urge you all to read through this Compilation, and forward any comments you may have to info@refugeelawproject.org ; these will be forwarded to all Coalition members for further discussion. Please also contact us if you require hard copies or if you are a Civil Society organisation wishing to join the Coalition.”

For full Pdf Compilation, click here


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